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Take a look at what our customers have to say about us at The St. Peter's Dental Practice.

I have been a patient of Dr Gordon for 15 years during which time I have never been less than completely satisfied with the treatment and care I have been received - so much so that I had absolutely no hesitation in referring both an international visitor and colleague to him for urgent complex procedures - on both occasions he went way beyond to help and treat.

Shane's knowledge and professionalism is outstanding. He is current and up -to date with dentistry procedures. Each visit is thorough, comprehensive and informative. His support staff are great- professional, knowledgeable and kind. Great great Hygienist!

Gill Hamilton

I was recommended to Shane Gordon by a patient of mine who made it her business to know who, locally, was not only skilled in their work, but also morally and ethically sound. I needed that as I had come to a point of distrusting my previous dentist, and did not know where to turn.

Shane took on my messed up mouth, and had given me new teeth which work.. a joy indeed! I needed long bouts of intensive work to get there, and at no time in any of my sessions did I feel any distrust or dislike about the treatment I was given.

Pain and discomfort yes at times , but the general demeanour of the practice, the dental nurse and receptionists were such that I felt supported at those times by the whole practice, rather than dismissed, as someone who had had their allotted time. This is something that I treasure, and find it rare indeed in the world of dentistry.

Any questions or doubts I had were always answered, if not to my complete understanding, but certainly enough to give me complete faith in Shane's clinical judgement, and I have been treated by everyone there, as a person, not just a mouth, or a source of income.

I am very grateful for this practice.

Lucy Smith

I have been a patient of Dr Shane Gordon for around 25 years. I was very young and scared when I first visited the practice and was very quickly made to feel comfortable and at ease.

The staff are equally professional and friendly and make all patients feel welcome and respected. Over the years I have had to have a lot of treatment which only Dr Gordon has done with the utmost professionalism As a 'scared patient' the staff and Dr Gordon and Mrs Gordon (hygienist) always explain everything and look after me (which makes me stay and not run away!)

I will never go anywhere else and would recommend Dr Gordon and his practice to both friends ,family and colleagues.

Mrs Donna Lane

I am writing to thank you for the excellent and professional treatment I received on my last visit to your surgery.

Treatment was prompt relaxed and comfortable. My family and I have been a patients at your surgery for some years now and as a result of the expert treatment, advise and guidance from you and your staff, our teeth are in excellent order.

My thanks once again to you and your staff and I kook forward to seeing you at my next routine checkup.

Jack Banner

I have been a patient with Dr Gordon practiced for over 20 years attending the St. Peters Dental Practice since it started 18 years ago.

My first visit was a good few years ago, but my recollection was of the welcoming, calm and reassuring atmosphere.

All the staff have always been extremely professional, supportive and caring. Discussion on any treatment required is always at the forefront of any consultation.

Every session of treatment has been wholly successful and fully met my expectations.

It is reassuring to know Dr Gordon will be providing the treatment and as a result knowing that the treatment will be first class.

Any follow ups, when necessary have met all expectations.

I have to say that there may be cheaper alternatives available, but the quality of care, service and attention to detail, not to mention the calm pain free treatment keeps me returning for check-ups and when necessary treatment.

Peter Wilson, Broadstairs

We followed Shane from a previous practice as we were very satisfied with the care we received. We have always felt welcome and have always been treated with courtesy and respect.

The staff are professional and supportive. We always feel we are given choices for any treatments we have needed and the treatment provided has always met our expectations and the aftercare has been excellent. We never hesitate to recommend this Practice.

John & Jenny Matterface

I was recommended by a friend to DR Gordon at The St. Peters Dental Practice.

I had an initial consultation which was very good and set out the treatments required to address my dental problems. I then went on to have a full assessment which enabled me to have a written report and treatment plan with 5 treatment options set out in detail.

I chose the most comprehensive option at a second consultation with Dr Gordon and he explained the procedures and the scheduling required to achieve the result I was expecting.

The treatment took 18 months to complete during which I was extremely well cared for and professionally treated although the appointments were very long to facilitate all the complex treatment to be undertaken and completed to the standard I was expecting.

The care and aftercare was excellent and the end result met my expectations and made the time and cost all worth while. To emphasize how confident I am in Dr Gordon and how satisfied I am with the treatment received I have recommended many friends, neighbors and acquaintances to see Dr Gordon and will continue to do so.

Dollie B - Birchington

I was recommended to go to the St. peters Dental Practice.

My first visit was excellent, I felt at ease and confident with Mr Gordon as a dentist. I have always felt welcome and the service has been professional and supportive and I have always been offered numerous choices of available treatments the outcome of which has always met my expectations.

I am totally satisfied with the care I have received since joining the Practice. I have on many occasions recommended Mr Gordon to friends and family.

Philip Hunt

As a dental technician I get to see many dentists standard of work, Shane's is first class so I wanted that standard for my treatment! I was made to feel totally at ease, all the staff were professional and friendly, the practice is very clean and tidy all the equipment is high class and the atmosphere is warm and calm. I have always been treated with great respect and dignity as a patient and colleague.

The staff all seem very well trained and gel as a team. Everything is always very well explained. All treatments have always been over and above my expectations, I can almost say my dental treatment was a pleasure!

It was also great being able to have all the treatment done by the same person, I felt I was able to form a bond, he remembered things that I told him about me and my family, so it really felt as if I was a person and not just a mouth!

I love the fact that I was able to schedule my next check up so far in advance. I would and have recommended other dentists to refer patients as well as friends and family to the Practice?

Alison Pretious RDT; HNC; FBIDST

I was first recommended to Shane Gordon by a friend who was pleased with the treatment he received from Shane. I was new to the area and was looking for a Dentist.

I visited the St. Peters Dental Practice and was pleasantly surprised by the friendly welcome I received from the Staff.

I found Shane to be very conscientious and thorough and he was always prepared to discuss the treatment in detail together with explanations of the various alternatives, enabling me to make an informed choice regarding the treatment I wished to receive.

I have had Implants and Crowns supplied by Shane Gordon and was impressed with the level of expertise which is not normally available in a small practice.

The treatments provided by Shane Gordon have stood the test of time ,and after twenty years he is still my Dentist. I would not hesitate to recommend my friends to visit the St. Peters Dental Practice.

Rex Stanion, Broadstairs

My previous dentist had left behind part of a wisdom tooth root which started to grow again. It was pushing up against my tooth and causing great pain and distress. My dentist further added to the distress by saying I would need to book into hospital to have my jaw broken so that the root could be extracted.

I went to see Dr Gordon by recommendation, and within hours my root was in his hands and I had not needed either my jaw breaking or a stay in hospital.

Since that day I have had complete faith in Dr Gordon and his team at the practice. I have been a patient at the St Peters Dental practice for many years now and have been very happy with all the treatments and service received.

I have found the Practice to be professional, and courteous in all my visits and my treatments have been of the highest quality with every step in any procedure explained to me. I would highly recommend Dr Gordon and the St Peters Dental Practice.

Tony Perks

My NHS dentist recommended DR Shane Gordon for the implant surgery required to replace my missing teeth. Dr Gordon's initial consultation highlighted the problems with all my teeth and we planned a comprehensive programme of treatment.

This entailed infection control, extractions, white fillings, posts, implants and finally the fitting of eight crowns. The treatment restored the natural appearance of my teeth to that of 50 years ago. I am pleased with the colour match, which by choice was not brilliant white, and I can now smile and eat with confidence.

This was the first time I had attended a Private Dental Practice. I was impressed by the skills and techniques employed by Dr Gordon and also with the relaxed and friendly atmosphere generated by his staff. The dental nurse was knowledgeable and reassuring as was the hygienist. I thoroughly recommend The St. Peters Dental Practice to anyone requiring specialised dentistry.

Thank you for the work carried out on my teeth. I am very pleased with the final results.

Michael Elliot, Margate

My journey started in May 2013, it had become very apparent that my dental condition required some serious work. The dental practice that I was using at the time recommended that I should contact DR Shane Gordon, at St Peters Dental Practice, which I subsequently did. DR Gordon is an expert in restorative, cosmetic and implant dentistry.

My first visit proved to be a very pleasant experience, I was made to feel completely at ease by the relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the practice. All members of staff are superbly trained and extremely professional and respectful to the patient's needs.

DR Gordon made a preliminary assessment of my dental condition which was followed up with a full and proper assessment on my agreement. subsequently a full treatment plan was prepared which gave me various options to suit not only my finances but the amount of treatment I would feel comfortable with.

Due to the advanced condition of my teeth I decided on a comprehensive approach to the problems where restoration of the whole mouth would be undertaken, in a properly planned and coordinated manner, it was explained to me that this would take from 9-18 months or more to complete, All the details of the treatment stages were explained to me in an easy to understand way, any questions that I had were also answered fully.

The day of the surgery came and I must say I was feeling a little apprehensive as well as a little excited with the prospect of a great set of teeth and the freedom from all the pain and discomfort which was associated with the deterioration of my dental condition.

The Initial surgery took some five hours to complete, and I cannot speak highly enough of the care and consideration which was shown to me during this time, the dental nurse assisting DR Gordon, was an absolute star during the whole experience for which I thank you.

One of th

Richard Hall

Dr Gordon and the St. Peters Dental Practice were a PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION. My first visit to the Practice was EXCELLENT; it is A FRIENDLY AND HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL ORGANISATION.

The atmosphere is very welcoming. I was treated with respect and FELT RELAXED FROM START TO FINISH.

I have found the staff and Dr Gordon professional and supportive To the level of having REFERRED MY DAUGHTER TO THEM WHO HAD DEVELOPED A FEAR OF DENTISTS DUE TO A PREVIOUS BAD EXPERIENCE.




Harry Kemp

I came to St Peters Dental Practice via recommendation; my visits have been relaxed and welcoming. Staff are all very professional and all treatment was explained with options given.

I have been very happy with the treatment received, it has been to a high standard and I haven't had any problems post treatment. I have recommended friends and family who now attend the practice and are all very happy.

Katherine Beard, Ramsgate

I should like to place on record my appreciation of the dental work carried out by Dr. Shane Gordon.

In my opinion he is meticulous, thorough, with an important attention to detail giving a very competent service to his patients.

He is very thorough in explaining what work needs to be carried out and why, and I feel very confident in his work which has kept me smiling for several years now.

Combine this, with his efficient and caring staff, it makes The St. Peter's Dental Practice a leading centre of dental excellence in the Thanet area and I am more than willing to recommend this practice to anyone seeking the best quality dental treatment.

Brent Rimmington FIMLT,Dip.M, AMRSC

Dr Gordon and the St. Peters Dental Practice were a personal recommendation from a friend.

I found the Practice excellent, very friendly and professional. I was made to feel very welcome which put me at ease straight away.

I was treated with respect and made very comfortable at all times. Both Shane, Adri and his staff have been extremely supportive throughout my treatment, and Shane continues to ask me if everything is ok whenever I see him. I was given sufficient treatment options to allow me to make an informed choice on my care.

My treatment exceeded my expectations, which is the first time I can say that about a visit to the Dentist! I found it comforting to always be treated for all procedures by Shane, especially when you take into consideration his experience, knowledge and Professionalism.

I have also found the after-care satisfactory and professional. I would definitely recommend friends and family to the Practice as I couldn't be happier with the treatment and care I've received from Shane and his team.

Darren Parris

I knew of Dr Gordon because he had given me dental treatment decades ago when he was working under the NHS, but I had never had actual private treatment before I came to Dr Gordon last spring.

For the last year or so prior to that, my NHS dental treatment was becoming increasingly uncaring, inadequate and yes, expensive, and I knew there was a lot wrong with my teeth which was simply not being fixed, so I decided to go private

I knew that Dr Gordon was a good dentist so I went to him. Right from the start, I was aware of a welcoming, friendly atmosphere, it was (almost) a pleasure to be there.

The initial examination showed up what I had long suspected; that my previous NHS treatment had been verging on the negligent. It was depressing to learn after the initial examination, just how much work had to be done and that was in spite of previous regular check-ups and interventions with NHS dentists.

I chose to go through with all the treatment that Dr Gordon recommended, as I definitely did not want to go down the denture pathway.

I suppose that is where I just had to trust Dr Gordon and put myself in his skilful hands. I did. It was not cheap. Private dentistry isn't. But, you don't realise how valuable something is until you are on the verge of losing it, and that definitely includes one's own teeth.

My treatment which included three root canal fillings and two implants as well as a few smaller fillings, was excellent throughout. It took the whole summer but the end result is wonderful.

I can chew on both sides without discomfort. I can crunch apples and chomp nuts. My smile is brighter than ever, and I am positively proud of my teeth. They have never been so nice in my life. And yes, I won't be buying a new car anytime soon, but my treatment was worth every penny.

Mrs Josephine Gee

I was referred by my dentist to Dr Gordons practice as he is a dental implant specialist and I needed two implants as I had a failed endodontically restored tooth( it had lasted thirty years) attached to a bridge.

As I walked in the door on my first visit , I was immediately put at ease by the warm welcome from Dr Gordons charming receptionist. I was seen by Dr Gordon promptly and assisted by his nurse Jo, I was given a very thorough dental examination. I was immediately struck by Dr Gordon's professionalism and honesty and felt able to discuss and talk at length the options that were open to me and the treatment choices that were possible. In all subsequent appointments I have felt that I have been treated with dignity and respect.

Dr Gordon makes my dental experience painless and comfortable and I am utterly thrilled at the end result of a restored healthy mouth. My confidence has soared and I can smile again! I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Gordons practice to any of my friends and my family.

Bridget McCabe

I selected Dr Gordon after hearing good feed- back from other patience.

An excellent and welcoming first visit, on my way home I felt very confident in Dr Gordon's approach, backed up by a bright, caring and professional support team.

Nothing is too much trouble and I always feel welcome.

The nurses and staff are respectful and care for your well-being during and after treatment

The staff and Dr Gordon have always been professional and supportive and with with great continuity.

I was given sufficient treatment options with the work that I needed. Dr Gordon helped me choose the right treatment for me by answering many questions, with great patience and detail.

My treatment more than met my expectation and totally changed my life, as I was able to make new food selections".

It was helpful to me having my treatment at one practise as I am very busy. My end result was of a very high standard.

The nurses and staff are always professional and caring, after some of my larger treatments I was called to ensure that I was ok, comfortable or needing anything.

I have done and I will continue to recommend friends and family to the practice.

Martyn Brooks